The innovation park of the VMG Group to accelerate the breakthrough of Lithuanian industry

The innovation park of the VMG Group to accelerate the breakthrough of Lithuanian industry


The burial ceremony of a symbolic capsule to mark the beginning of the construction of VMG Technics R&D Park, the most modern industrial innovation park in the Baltic States, took place in Klaipėda District on Thursday. Automation and robotics solutions will be developed and implemented in this park, which will contribute to the technological competitiveness of the country’s industry. VMG international investment group, that is developing the project, intends to complete it next year.

The construction of VMG Technics R&D Park has started in Klaipėda District, Dirvupiai Village, next to Vilnius-Klaipėda highway. VMG Group will invest up to 30 million euro in the project and will create over 150 new high value-added jobs.

In August, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation granted the park the status of a large-scale investment project of national significance.

Mayors: the investments will benefit the region

According to Vytautas Grubliauskas, Mayor of Klaipėda Municipality, the industrial innovation park being built in the area of the former airport will become a symbolic gateway to the city, and the investments made will be significant for the port city and the whole Klaipėda region.

‘It is not only jobs, not only the most advanced technologies, but also an impressive and unique opportunity for young and new talents, and their abilities and visions to become a reality here and now. It is symbolic that the runway for the energetic and ambitious creators of the future of Lithuania and Klaipėda will be on the actual runway of the former flying squadron, so let all of them be inspired by this meaningful and dynamic symbolism,’ says V. Grubliauskas.

Bronius Markauskas, Mayor of Klaipėda District Municipality, states that the emergence of this park will bring many benefits to the district.

‘It is not only about the investments and jobs but also the training of new specialists, which is very important in order to have more and more highly qualified employees in the market. This is a great example of a socially responsible business, and I am glad that such a business is being established in Klaipėda District,’ says B. Markauskas.

Will design smart industrial technologies

According to Sigitas Paulauskas, investor and the sole shareholder of VMG Group, the modern VMG Technics R&D Park will bring together experts and scientists focused on the 4.0 generation technological revolution and will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of industry and the country.

‘Following the successful implementation of this project, Klaipėda should turn into an international industrial innovation centre. The cohesive ecosystem of innovations, development of talents and the smartest industrial technologies that will be developed here will contribute to the growth of the Lithuanian economy,’ states S. Paulauskas.

Manufacture of standard and non-standard products for automatic systems intended for industry and metal constructions, as well as integration of industrial robotics solutions into technological equipment for production will be carried out in the park.

According to S. Paulauskas, the implementation of innovative technological solutions will ensure that the activities carried out in VMG Technics R&D Park are environmentally friendly.

The floor area of the buildings of the Industrial Innovation Park will reach 17,580 sq. meters, of which 15,560 square meters will be allocated for production and storage premises, 3,736 sq. meters for administrative premises and 1,684 sq. meters for technical and administrative premises. The entire area of the park will total nearly 21,000 square meters.

Will develop talents

The park will also have a training space of 400 sq. meters where an advanced industrial innovation laboratory will operate. New specialists will be trained there in cooperation with the higher and vocational education institutions of the country.

‘We believe that our effort to bring together experts and researchers and continuously educate new talents in this park will result in new inventions that will make Lithuania famous in the world and contribute to the progress of industry,’ says S. Paulauskas.

VMG Group, developer of VMG Technics R&D Park, is an international investment company that unites 25 enterprises with over 5,000 employees.

The company invests in wood processing and production of sustainable wood products, renewable energy, eco-friendly packaging solutions, development of industrial innovations and technologies, production of engineering wood components and efficient management of infrastructure and industrial real estate in the Baltic States, Belarus, Poland and other European Union countries.