About us

VMG Group is a modern leader of wood industry engaged in wood processing, business management, technical maintenance, logistics, development of industrial real estate in Lithuania, Belarus and other countries of the European Union. VMG Group consists of 16 companies operating in Lithuania and foreign countries and employing over 3.9 thousand people. The products manufactured by the companies of the Group are exported to 11 countries in the EU, USA, Middle East, India, China and Australia. A worldwide-famous Swedish furniture retailer IKEA selling the company’s products through its own store chains in different countries of the world is one of the major partners of the Group.




Founded in 2002, VAKARŲ MEDIENOS GRUPĖ, UAB engages in consultancy activities in all the companies of VMG Group in Lithuania.  The company also develops and implements strategic and investment projects, provides financial, corporate, logistic and commercial services. It is responsible for the development of production and technologies, also attraction and employment of professionals and experts to work in VMG Group in Lithuania. 


 It is one of the largest companies of VMG Group in Lithuania. Although the company had engaged in the production of plywood for over a hundred years, a decision was made to stop this activity. The company took a new turn and started to produce particle board (PB) and cabinet furniture from finished PB (FPB).



Founded in Plikiai in 1994, Sakuona, UAB, producer of the plywood parts of beds, is the largest layer glued plywood producer in Lithuania and one of the largest producers in Europe. Although the company started its activities with production of plywood parts of beds, in the long run it grew to a major supplier of diverse modifications of bed slats, bed frames and fully assembled beds and chairs.

Thanks to the know-how and experience of our employees acquired over 25 years of hard work, we are now very flexible to our customers’ needs and make every effort to provide them with desired end-products. Our key focus is the quality of the products and meeting our customers’ needs.


UAB "Eurovesta"

The company was established in 2004. Its key activity is trading in wood products from Belarus to the Western European countries. The company also invests in Lithuanian forests and engages in production and supply of roundwood to the production companies of VMG Group.

VMG "Technics"

Founded under the name VMG ekspedicija, UAB in 2005, today VMG TECHNICS, UAB is a modern company providing production, repair and engineering services.   

Upon establishment of a new technical maintenance department, the company took over the supervision of technical maintenance, equipment installations, supply of spare parts and repair works in all the companies under the management of VMG Group. Other activities of the company include various metal construction works, technical maintenance, repairs and supervision of technological equipment, automation and robotisation of technological processes.


Equipment maintenance: technical maintenance and repairs, equipment upgrades, preventive maintenance services, supervision and replacement of fume and air filters.

Production: metalworking, production of metal constructions, designing and production of innovative technological equipment, designing and production of machines, metalworking (laser cutting, folding, milling and turning services).



UAB Klaipėdos aerouostas

Klaipėda Airfield was founded in 1921. The airfield started its activities by providing mail, package and passenger transportation by air services to Kaunas, Riga, Gdansk and other cities.

Today it is a private airfield that provides various aviation services.

For more information about the airfield and provided services, visit: www.airklaipeda.lt

In addition to the planned expansion of aviation services, other plans include the development of environmentally friendly and innovative industrial and commercial projects in the territory of Klaipėda Airfield.

For more information about the vision of development, visit: www.vmgpark.eu


UAB „Akmenės laisvoji ekonominė zona“

At the beginning of 2020, one of the world’s most powerful and state-of-the-art particle board factories with 600,000 m3 annual production capacity will be launched in Akmenė Free Economic Zone.  

Exclusive equipment from German manufacturer Siempelkamp that will be installed in the factory will enable us to be among the first manufacturers of 3mm thin particle boards in the world. Prospects are that the new boards can replace the heavier particle boards, production of which requires more raw materials.  

LLC „VMG Idustry Group“

VMG Industry Group, LLC, founded in 2011, engages in consultancy activities in all the companies of VMG Group in Belarus. The company also develops and implements strategic and investment projects, provides financial, corporate, logistics and commercial services. It is responsible for the development of production and technologies and employment of the best specialists.

FLLC „VMG Industry“

Founded in Mogilev Free Economic Zone (Belarus) in 2009, VMG Industry, FLLC is one of the largest wood processing and furniture manufacturing factory complexes in Eastern Europe. It consists of three factories engaged in production of particle board (PB), furniture and layer glued plywood parts.

FLLC „SWOODS export“

VMG Group also owns one of the most modern sawmills in Borisov, Belarus. Founded in 2011, SWOODS Export, FLLC covers 17,22 ha area with a sawmill, drying facilities and board processing workshops that produce construction timber, wood chips, pellets and furniture from coniferous wood.

LLC „VMG WoodArt“

VMG WoodArt, LLC, established in “Vitebsk” Free Economic Zone (Belarus) in 2018, will be launched in 2021. Projects for the construction of a sawmill and production workshops on 100 ha land plot are under development. The factory will engage in wood processing and production of solid wood furniture for the market.