About us

VMG Group – global investment company uniting 25 companies, which employ more than 5 000 employees. Company invests in wood processing and manufacture of sustainable wood products, renewable energy park, innovation and technology industry development, engineered wood structures for construction and infrastructure, industrial real estate management in the Baltic States, Poland and other European Union countries. Production is exported in more than 40 countries worldwide.


UAB "VMGcorp"

Investment management company responsible for the global management of the VMG Group and strategic investment projects, founded in 2020.


Established in 2002, it is a company responsible for the development of sustainable wood product production and wood processing activities.



It is one of the largest companies of VMG Group in Lithuania. Although the company had engaged in the production of plywood for over a hundred years, a decision was made to stop this activity. The company took a new turn and started to produce particle board (PB) and cabinet furniture from finished PB (FPB).



Founded in Plikiai in 1994, Sakuona, UAB, producer of the plywood parts of beds, is the largest layer glued plywood producer in Lithuania and one of the largest producers in Europe. Although the company started its activities with production of plywood parts of beds, it eventually grew into a major supplier of diverse modifications of bed slats, bed frames and fully assembled beds and chairs.

Thanks to the know-how and experience of our employees acquired over 25 years of hard work, we are now very flexible to our customers’ needs and make every effort to provide them with desired end-products. Our key focus is the quality of the products and meeting our customers’ needs.


UAB "Eurovesta"

The company was established in 2004. The company invests in Lithuanian forests and engages in production and supply of roundwood to the production companies of VMG Group.

VMG "Technics"

Founded under the name VMG ekspedicija, UAB in 2005, today VMG TECHNICS, UAB is a modern company providing production, repair and engineering services.   

Upon establishment of a new technical maintenance department, the company took over the supervision of technical maintenance, equipment installations, supply of spare parts and repair works in all the companies under the management of VMG Group. Other activities of the company include various metal construction works, technical maintenance, repairs and supervision of technological equipment, automation and robotisation of technological processes.


Equipment maintenance: technical maintenance and repairs, equipment upgrades, preventive maintenance services, supervision and replacement of fume and air filters.

Production: metalworking, production of metal constructions, designing and production of innovative technological equipment, designing and production of machines, metalworking (laser cutting, folding, milling and turning services).



UAB "VMG Akmenės baldai"

The VMG Group company was established in 2020 to manufacture cabinet furniture. 2022 The company will open one of the most modern furniture factories in the Baltic States in the Akmenė Free Economic Zone. The currently under construction 5.2 hectare area will create over 500 high value-added jobs. Due to the implementation of green technological solutions, production here will be carried out in an environmentally friendly way.

UAB "VMG Lignum Construction"

The main goal of VMG Lignum Construction, which was founded in 2020, is to focus on the production of sustainable wood products for construction and to look for environmentally friendly solutions. Currently, the company's product range consists of VMG Lignum Board (construction chipboard). Already this year, the range will be supplemented with the VMG Lignum LVL (laminated veneer lumber) and VMG Lignum I-joist (two-ply joist) engineered wood products. According to the plans, already in the first stage, the investments in the development of the product range will reach 100 million Euro.

In the course of the further development of VMG Lignum Construction, the production of engineered wood modular panels is scheduled to be developed by 2025. The company will produce prefabricated components from organic wood structures for industrialized construction of buildings and prefabricated facade components for industrialized renovation. It is expected that, based on the consistent development of capacities and installation of automated production lines, the entire range of products required for high-rise sustainable construction and renovation will be produced in N. Akmenė by 2025.

UAB "VMG Lignum Systems"

VMG group company providing a wide range of design services.

Our team designs all types of buildings and civil engineering structures - engineered timber, reinforced concrete and steel. It also carries out structural calculations, structural modelling and prepares detailed drawings of structural elements for production. The company can design any part of a building that is required.

Although multidirectional, VMG Lignum Systems is not limited to design services. The company carries out research activities and develops new products and engineering solutions for future VMG products. Much of this work is focused on a more sustainable future and includes the VMG Group's engineered wood products.

The company's projects in Lithuania and abroad include LIDL stores, a SPA centre, a dental centre, kindergartens and schools, commercial buildings, warehouses of a logistics centre, administrative premises, a petrol station building. The latter is based on sustainable, engineered timber structures.

One of the latest projects of VMG Lignum Systems is the design of the „Klaipėdos mediena“ building.

UAB Klaipėdos aerouostas

Klaipėda Airfield was founded in 1921. The airfield started its activities by providing mail, package and passenger transportation by air services to Kaunas, Riga, Gdansk and other cities.

Today it is a private airfield that provides various aviation services.

For more information about the airfield and provided services, visit: www.airklaipeda.lt

In addition to aviation activities, environmentally friendly and innovative industrial and commercial projects have been launched

For more information about the vision of development, visit: 


VMG Konstantynow Sp. z o.o.

After becoming a part of the VMG Group in 2019, the company specializes in wood processing and furniture production. Its production uniqueness is fully assembled chairs, while the newly installed technology allows to ensure high production capacity and offer up to 1.6 million chairs per year.

AB "VMG Wood Solutions"

"VMG Wood Solutions" produces sustainable wood products.