In order to ensure the balance of environmental, social and economic aspects, VMG enterprises that specialize in timber-processing favor materials of FSC-certified forests first.

Currently all of VMG enterprises that are related with timber manufacture, such as AB "KLAIPĖDOS MEDIENA" (FSC®-C018158), UAB "SAKUONA" (FSC®-C013423), UAB "Eurovesta" (FSC®-C134168), FLLC "VMG Industry" (FSC®-C118066), FLLC "SWOODS export" (FSC®-C111274) and "VMG WoodArt" (FSC®-C158225) meet the FSC production criteria and are verified with respective certificates.

In 2019, FLLC "SWOODS export" met the standart requirements and was also certified by SBP® (Sustainable Biomass Program)®.

Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) is a unique certifying system that is developed to certify the biomass of timber consumed for large-scale energy production. This certification is an acknowledgment that the timber biomass is used responsibly. Such verifications are one of many demonstrations of the quality and sustainability of the company.