Sustainable development

Organisation of our activities while maintaining focus on the improvement of our environment and application of pollution prevention measures in attempt to reduce the negative impact of the activities of the company is one of the key objectives of the companies of VMG group. By applying pollution prevention measures, companies controlled by VMG group  systematically carry out pollution monitoring and continuous control. The companies controlled by VMG group carry out pollution monitoring and control successfully through application of pollution prevention measures. In effort to meet our customers’ needs and ensure the top quality and eco-friendliness of our services, we undertake to:

  • Comply with environmental laws, regulations and standards;
  • Comply with legal requirements applicable to the Company, develop and implement measures to reduce environmental pollution, to use natural resources rationally and efficiently;
  • Allocate resources required for the implementation of the existing environment protection goals and objectives;
  • Have all the employees of the Company engaged in the implementation of the environmental activities;
  • Use materials that are less hazardous to the environment in our activities and production processes;  
  • Use the latest and greener production technologies whenever possible;
  • Use technologies with the least harmful impact on the environment in our activities, strive for prevention of pollution and continuous improvement of the environment;
  • Organise an efficient system of utilisation of raw materials, energy and non-renewable natural resources, to reduce waste and to organise reuse of waste.

One of the priorities of the companies held by VMG group, is efficient use of raw materials by minimising environment pollution and providing clean and safe working conditions to the employees.