VMG Technics wins a gold medal at the Lithuanian Product of the Year Awards

VMG Technics wins a gold medal at the Lithuanian Product of the Year Awards


VMG Technics, company of VMG international investment group, won a gold medal at the 25th Lithuanian Product of the Year Awards for the second year in a row. This time, the gold has been awarded for PanelSight system.

PanelSight is a system for laminated particle board surface analysis. The system recognises the patterns and colours and, thus, is able to distinguish any defects: it identifies cracks, board colour defects, and the presence of contamination, indentations, bubbles and wrinkles in the laminate.

The cameras and segmentation algorithms installed in the device detect even the smallest discrepancies, which enables to achieve the maximum sorting accuracy and avoid spoilage. It also has a statistics module integrated that displays data on various sections: based on time, shifts, weeks, days, hours or products.

The software developed by the engineers at VMG Technics can be applied widely to various production areas. It has already been integrated into the dry veneer production lines at Sakuona plant of VMG Group and helps inspecting and selecting the quality of the veneers.

‘The award means the affirmation that the work our team is engaged in daily is important and valued, and that innovative technological solutions for the industry they develop and implement are relevant and purposeful. The interest in the product has already been shown by other Lithuanian furniture manufacturers and, due to its properties in ensuring quality, efficiency and helping to save costs, wide perspectives are opening up in foreign markets as well,’ says Mantas Leknius, the head of VMG Technics.

Over the past few years, VMG Technics has implemented more than 160 different projects. The most important ones of which are the automation of packaging lines at Klaipėdos Mediena plant and the development of the dry veneer sorting line at Sakuona plant.

Last year, in the Lithuanian Product of the Year Awards organised by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, VMG Technics won a gold medal for the FEFCO 410 packaging closure/sealing line.

The VMG international investment group unites 25 companies with over 5,000 employees. Its products are exported to more than 40 countries around the world.

The investments of VMG Group encompass wood processing and the production of sustainable wood products, renewable energy, eco-friendly packaging solutions, the development of industrial innovation and technology, the production of engineered wood structures, and the efficient management of infrastructure and industrial real estate.