VMG Group and Vilnius Tech will cooperate in training specialists for the green construction sector

VMG Group and Vilnius Tech will cooperate in training specialists for the green construction sector


The VMG international investment group and Vilnius Tech will cooperate in training highly qualified specialists for the green construction sector and implementing sustainable innovations. The VMG Group hopes that this cooperation will help to address the current shortage of automation, mechanical engineering, robotics and innovative wood construction design specialists in the labor market.

According to the CEO of VMG Group, Egidijus Mockus, one of the 6 strategic directions of the group presented last year is related to sustainable construction and renovation, and its implementation requiring competent specialists in this field. According to E. Mockus, their preparation would create high value-added for the country's economy, contribute to business development and allow customers to offer the highest level of services.

"A breakthrough in sustainable construction requires high value-added professionals. We believe that by investing in their proper preparation in a higher education institution, the green transformation of the sector will be achieved much faster. At the same time, it will allow the market to offer innovative solutions in the field of organic structures and thus increase the competitiveness of the whole country,” says E. Mockus.

In addition, according to him, it is hoped that cooperation with the university will help to address the current shortage of highly qualified specialists in the labor market, especially in automation, mechanical and industrial engineering, and robotics.

According to Asta Radzevičienė, Vice-Rector for Strategic Partnership at Vilnius Tech, partnership with advanced and fast-growing companies is important for the university, as it creates preconditions for the joint development of new technologies and management solutions.

"It is also important that the interests of Vilnius Tech and VMG Group are in the field of applied research: we plan to develop and test a new generation of wooden structures, production solutions that meet the goals of the green European course, so unite the goal to train engineers ready for such challenges," A. Radzevičienė.

According to her, Vilnius Tech has many years of expert experience in the field of wooden and composite constructions and is the only university that trains such specialists.

Vilnius Tech will regularly inform the VMG group about new study programs, scientific conferences, and provide assistance to the company in finding qualified specialists. The University will also continuously improve the process of science and studies by applying the latest scientific achievements.

For its part, the VMG group will inform the university about the need for the required specialists and the careers of the already employed graduates. Also, contribute and collaborate in talent development.