The VMG Group Industrial Innovation Park has been granted the status of a project of national...

The VMG Group Industrial Innovation Park has been granted the status of a project of national significance


The Ministry of Economy and Innovation has granted the status of a large-scale investment project to the Industrial Innovation Park being developing in Klaipėda. The international investment group of VMG, which is developing the VMG Technics R&D Park project, will invest up to EUR 30 million in this project and create over 150 new high value-added jobs.

The Industrial Innovation Park is being built in Klaipėda District, Dirvupiai Village, next to the Vilnius-Klaipėda highway.

The status of a large-scale investment project of national significance granted by the Ministry will allow us to implement the project faster and smoother.

It is planned that the innovation park, where industrial automation and robotization solutions will be developed and implemented, will start operating already in the middle of the next year.

Sigitas Paulauskas, an investor and the sole shareholder of the VMG Group, is convinced that a breakthrough in the industrial sector is ensured through innovation and high technology. Therefore, he states, the modern innovation park oriented towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution will contribute to increasing the competitiveness not only of the industry but also of the country.

According to him, the innovation park will produce standard and non-standard products of automatic systems for industry, metal constructions, as well as the integration of industrial robotization solutions into technological equipment intended for production will be carried out.

The floor area of the structures of the Industrial Innovation Park will total up to 21,000 sq. meters, of which 15,560 square meters will serve as production and storage premises, while the administrative and technical premises and public spaces and will occupy the area of 5,420 sq. meters.

The innovation park will also have a training space with a floor area of 400 sq. meters where the Industrial Innovation Laboratory will operate and educational activities for new specialists will take place. According to plans, these activities will be carried out in cooperation with the higher and vocational education institutions of the country.

The project in Klaipėda is being developed by VMG Technics, a company of the VMG Group. The implementation of innovative technological solutions will ensure that the activities carried out in the innovation park are environmentally friendly.